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Who Are Succeed Business Network?

We are professional business intermediaries and network service. Succeed Business Networks works with professional associates and advisors who in their own right have achieved the pinnacle of success in the corporate world. This ensures your right to the best service and advice.

Why Use Succeed Business Network?

Your business is probably your biggest investment and your livelihood, At Succeed Business Network we don’t compromise on this. Working with both sellers and buyers, Succeed Business Network ensures that both parties are left in stronger positions than when they first started negotiations. Succeed Business Network does not sell just any business we sell take on qualified businesses to sell.

What is Business Broking? What is an Intermediary?

The process whereby you sell or buy a business through a third party is business broking and a person who is retained by the seller to sell the business is the intermediary or business broker. The broker will also act as an advisor to the buyer to facilitate the smooth transfer of a business from the seller to the buyer. As you would regard yourself as knowledgeable in your field of expertise and your business, likewise a professional business intermediary is knowledgeable in the transfer of businesses from a seller to a buyer and vice versa, this is what we do for a living. If you looking to buy or sell a business, consult with a business broker, this way you will ensure that your sale or purchase will be handled in a professional manner.

Where Do I Start?

Whether buying or selling contact Succeed Business Network. We will make an appointment to see you and evaluate your needs and expectations. If you are selling, we will assess your business and offer advice on sale ability and price. If you are buying we will assist you by qualifying you and exposing you to a range of options you can afford to invest in.

When to Buy A Business?

To enjoy real wealth, freedom and to be able to afford all that life has to offer, you will need to be in business for yourself. It is widely recognized that you will not become wealthy working for a boss. Starting a business can be risky; the unknown is always very daunting. Buying an existing business allows you the luxury of taking over a track record, most if not all the bumps are smoothed out and you can look forward to working on your business and growing it. In this day and age of retrenchments, right sizing, downsizing, company closures and mergers and acquitsions, you are never sure where you stand. Take uncertainty out of play by getting into business for yourself..

Selling A Business

Selling a business can be an extremely trying experience.

Consider This

When a doctor falls ill, he does not diagnose himself, he seeks advice from a fellow doctor?

When you consider selling your business, as tempting as it is to take it on yourself, you will be well advised to seek advice from a colleague whose business it is to sell businesses, your business. Your accountant and your attorney are just that, financial advisors and legal advisors. If you have a toothache, do you see a doctor or do you see a dentist, your attorney and accountant are very important advisors during the sale process but they are not going to be able to give you the best advice on the sale of your business as selling businesses is not there core focus, ultimately you make the final decision.

On Selecting A Business Broker

The business brokerage you choose should understand your needs and requirements. They should be equipped to handle the sale of your business, with the appropriate knowledge of your industry and know who the industry players are. They need to be registered with the correct authorities and should have been established for a reasonable period of time.

Succeed Business Network are members of and registered with the

  • Estate Agencies Affairs Board, a regulatory body that regulates the conduct of Business Brokers & Estate Agents. (Business Brokers are compelled by law to be registered.)
  • Succeed Business Network management have been active in the intermediary space since 1991.
  • We are also founder members of SABBA (South Africa Business Brokers Association) and serve on the EAAB Key Stakeholders Forum on behalf of the business broking industry.

Succeed Business Network does not take on every business offered to us to sell and therefore we don’t expect every company in South Africa to use our services. Being exclusive, we won’t compromise our standards and for this reason we prefer to be appointed on an exclusive basis. It’s about trust, belief, peace of mind and most importantly it’s about relationships. We start out total strangers but want to end up friends.

Networking Option Service

If you are looking for business, or a particular product contact Succeed Business Network to search their network to locate what you need.

Auctioneering Services (realization of assets)

Through a close association with the country’s leading auction houses and being qualified auctioneers, Succeed Business Network is able to assist you with the disposal of any excess assets, be they stock, movables or immovable property by auction. If you are in an asset acquisition phase, Succeed Business Network can be hired as buying agents to assist you at auction or purchase on auction on your behalf, ensuring you get the best deal possible.

We work in association with Auction Boys.

Commercial & Residential Property Broking

When selling real estate as part of transaction, the real estate value and business component value should be assessed separately. Many of the businesses that Succeed Business Network have sold have had a property component it. Succeed Business Network is qualified and able to  offer you a commercial and or residential property broking service. This will give you peace of mind having to deal and transact with only one contact point to sell it all.

We are proud to be associated with Eastside Properties.